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Help Page & FAQ

Do you have a question regarding the payment, the brush installation or the download? Perfect. Here you'll probably find your answer. If not, please contact via email to

For Membership questions please Visit the Membership section ...


How to install the brushes

If you’ve purchased a single brush (.brush) or a brush set (.brushset) for Procreate, you just download the file with your iPad and open it with Procreate. After opening the file with Procreate, you’ll find the new set in your brush sets and the single brush will appear in the set “Import”.

Installation failed – can you help?

Of course.Please send us an email to and describe exactly what doesn’t work. Include screenshots and – even better – a screencast of the installation process so we can understand the problem. We need detailed information in order to help you.

I cannot open the ZIP file I got!

Products with more than a brush set included (for example the Calligraphy Toolkit) – due to technical reasons – come as a ZIP file which is a compressed folder with lots of files in it. A ZIP has to be unpacked on your computer – or on your iPad with an appropriate app. We recommend the IE FileExplorer. The free version should work just fine. After extracting the files, you can import the .brushset like any other brush set.

I cannot download the file I’ve purchased. What can I do?

Oh, that’s a bummer. And annoying! We know that. So first:WE ARE SO SORRYthat this is happening to you. The reasons for download problems can be manifold and while we know that it might be a technical issue on our side, there are a few things you can do immediately after experiencing this problem. Sometimes this helps:

  1. Don’t panic.We are real people with a real company. You won’t lose any money. If the download fails we’ll find the reason and at least a solution. Nothing is easier than providing an alternate download link.
  2. Please try another browser.Copy the download link and use Safari. We’ve learned that Safari works in most of the time. Even if you get a time out error, Safari will continue the download.
  3. Try it again in a few hours.Sometimes the internet connection is bad. This could happen to you,but also to us.So chances are, that the download works well after a little waiting period.
  4. Send us an email.If these steps don’t work, just send us an email to We’ll find a solution as soon as we can. Our office is open from Monday to Friday and closes during weekends.


Our support usually replies within 3 business days. Please note, that we don't offer 24/7 support and our support isn't available on weekends.

Send an email

How long / how often can I download?

For single products: Once you’ve purchased, you can download your products 20 times within 90 days. We have to limit the downloads due to security reasons.

If you are a All-In-Member: You can download your files unlimited times as long as you are an active member. If you cancel, your access expires with the last day of the paid period.

Can you make a custom brush for me?

Yes, prices starting at 49 USD for a single brush.Send us your requirements and examples for the brush you need via email to and we’ll contact you with a quotation within 4 business days.

Do you offer refunds?

No. We show detailed previews and describe the attributes of our brushes very well on the product pages. Also, the products will be delivered immediately after the purchase which makes it impossible to track whether a customer has already installed or deleted our brushes.

If you are not satisfied with a product, please send us an email to and describe the problem. We’re going to find a solution that makes us both happy.

Membership FAQ

Where can I download my files?

Our Membership is handled via Gumroad. If you have an active subscription and you login to Gumroad you find your All-In Membership in your library.

Which plan should I choose?

If you buy Procreate brushes on a regular base, the 6-month-plan is the best for you because you save over 50% compared to the 1-month-plan. Think about it: You get all of our products here at PLUS two more products each month (which means 12 new products within the next 6 months) for 69 USD only.

If you just want all of our brushes for the unbeatable price of 25 USD then the 1-month-plan is the best fit. Please note that all of our membership plans are a subscription which has to be canceled if you want it to end. Otherwhise you'll be charged again for the next period, depending on the plan you chose.


You can continue using the brushes of course. But you don't have access to the membership files after your paid period has expired. That means if you cancel your membership in March, but paid forward till June 19, you can download your files until June 19.

We would LOVE to welcome you as an All-In Member. Before you subscribe, please read the product description carefully.

Please note that the membership is a subscription model with recurring payment for the period you chose. For example: If you pick the 3-month-plan, you pay once for 3 months. After 3 months – if you don't cancel – you'll be charged again.

How does the Membership work?

You pick and pay the plan you want, you get immediate access to all of our brushes and items and each month of your membership you get at least 2 new products. As an existing member you have access to these products 24/7. If you cancel your membership your subscription ends with the last day of the paid period. As of this day you don't have access to the files anymore. Of course, you can choose to subscribe again.

Does the membership include the Procreate Brush Maker Kit?

No. The Procreate Brush Maker Kit is a stand-alone product which is not available here on You can purchase it separately via Gumroad.