Procreate Watercolor Brushes – Brush Box

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Welcome to my new and updated Procreate Watercolor Brush Box for Procreate. With this set of 51 unique and hand painted brushes, you can create beautiful watercolor paintings with ease. Each brush is made of real-life watercolor shapes and textures, carefully prepared for digital art with the great Procreate App. Take a look at the screenshots/drawing examples to get an idea of what you can do with these Procreate watercolor brushes.

  • You get 51 Watercolor Brushes (+ a free Pencil Brush), that only work with iPad Pro, Apple Pencil & the Procreate App
  • When you use the watercolor papers (see bonus below), set the drawing layer to “Multiply” (Blending mode) for a realistic Watercolor look
  • Play with different colors, blending modes and also use the eraser and the smudge tool to achieve authentic watercolor looks. I recommend you to read the Procreate Artist’s Handbook, available here