Lettering and Calligrahy Fun Vol. 1

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  • $19.00 USD

This versatile set of Procreate brushes comes with 46 amazing tools for lettering and calligraphy artists.

Besides the basic calligraphy brushes (clean pressure sensitive brushes, a monoliner, etc.) the pack includes authentic ink pens, textured brushes, and professional drawing tools like pencils (perfect for lettering and sketching), felt pens and artistic brushes for nice looking effects.

HERE you can get yourself the 52 real papers for Procreate we've used in our preview images.

Unlike most of our other brush sets this one is not dedicated to a certain style or technique. It's a convenient collection of practical tools everyone can use or her or his art – whether for lettering and calligraphy or other areas.

The preview gives you a quick insight into our favorite brushes, but we're working to give you a complete brush list within the next weeks.

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