Fine Lettering Brushes

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One of the most popular brush packs here. A “fine art” set. Perfect for a very delicate and detailed digital Calligraphy. In this pack we’ve included all you need for fine calligraphy on your iPad.

With this delicate selection of 14 fine and unique hand lettering brushes, you get exquisite tools for your next lettering project. These Procreate brushes are smooth, easy to handle and sensitive - specially made for tidy and neat hand-lettering.

  • Delicate Details | These brushes are made for fine lettering / calligraphy which means some of the brushes differ by delicate details like pressure sensitivity combined with different textures, angles, and opacities.
  • Reverse Pressure Sensitivity | The brushes no 13 and 14 work the other way round. That means the strokes are getting thinner with a higher pencil pressure. This feature allows you to create an extraordinary look.
  • Handedness matters | If you're not getting the results you want and you are sure that you're using the right technique, try to flip the direction of the brush shape by rotating it with your fingers (in the brush settings). The reason can be, that each brush (of course) has been created with a left or right hand. And the handedness makes a difference while using the brushes.
  • Find The Right Streamline | The streamline of a brush affects the smoothness of your brush stroke, which is relevant primarily for lettering / calligraphy. If you're an advanced letterer, you can turn down the streamline in your brush settings. For beginners a high streamline - at least 60% - is recommended.