Delicate Writing – Calligraphy Script Brushes for Procreate

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This is a Procreate Brush-Set with writing in mind. It was made for beautifully writing small letters and captions. Since the streamline of these brushes is set low, you need a steady hand and a relaxed state of mind in order to achieve the best results.

If you're struggling with that, set the streamline in the brush settings higher.

Delicate Writing comes with 14 Premium Procreate Brushes – 10 for fine calligraphy and 4 made for simple hand-writing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't get the results you want, turn the brush shape in the settings and try it again. How the brush behaves has to do with your handedness and the way you hold your brush.

The story

Why would I make brushes for small writing? You know, I often tried to really WRITE something on the iPad. A short caption, a thought, or a quote. I didn't want to make a typical "Calligraphy" quote out of it; I just wanted to write something down. But in a nice looking way, of course.

My other brushes didn't fit for this concern. They were made for drawing big letters, and the streamline was usually set high to achieve a solid flow. But if you're writing tiny words, this flow swallows the details of your letters. With these issues in mind, I've created the Delicate Writing – Script Brushes.