Procreate Brush Maker Kit – Make / sell Brushes

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You want to create (and sell) your own Procreate brushes in no time? Well, then the PBMK is the perfect fit your you. This huge package comes with

  • over 350 ready-to-use shapes and textures,
  • 16 Procreate brush templates, plus
  • a short PDF guide to get started easily.

The Procreate Brush Maker Kit is included in the All-Access Pass

If you’ve ever wanted to earn some money on the side and if you’re in love with Procreate, you should definitely have a look at this amazing product.


The Procreate Brush Maker Kit is a package of over 200 pre-made shapes and about 150 ready-made – which means seamlessly tileable – textures which are the base of every Procreate brush. The files you get with the Kit are exactly the ones WE have used for all these bestselling products you can see here. The shapes and textures, as well as the brushes, of course, have been made in hundreds of working hours and it took months to create the over 1000 brushes I'm selling at the moment. Creating shapes and textures that would be a good fit for Procreate and which were able to achieve the looks we wanted, was a really time-consuming job. But our hard work is your benefit now. Because a couple of months ago, I decided to give away most of the source files I have to help other designers creating their brushes much faster.

So what you're going to do to create a brush is simply choosing a shape, choosing a texture and making your adjustments. And that's exactly what I recommend you to do if you are new in this field. Just get started. Don't overthink it, don't set goals. Not in the beginning. Just enjoy experimenting and learn through trial and error. Do not try to achieve something and you'll see, soon you'll get a feeling for brush behavior and how you can tweak the settings the way you want.


... an online course; it doesn't teach you how to create brushes or how to achieve a particular look. Also, I want to point out that I do not offer personal support when it comes to issues like "How can I create a realistic Watercolor brush".

The Procreate Brush Maker Kit is a collection of the source files you need in order to create brushes for Procreate. Plus you get a couple of brush templates which you can use for an even faster start.

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